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For nearly two decades Suneera has been meticulously designing jewelry that at once reveals her modern sensibility, appreciation of history and obsession with impeccable craftsmanship. She started with designing and fabrication for private labels in 2001 when she moved from India to Los Angeles. In 2014 she launched her namesake collection pulling unique design details from her rich heritage. It was a success, and thus began the magnificent journey of SUNEERA Fine Jewelry followed by the creation of a sterling silver daughter line .925SUNEERA. Today her work is presented in high end boutiques and galleries around the country. 

Although she was never formally trained in jewelry making, Suneera's education truly began from the time she was a child when she saw her mother Kamal and Aunt Santosh pair their sensational saris with spectacular jewels. They were always planning what to wear, whether simply for the day or to a special celebration. Jewelry and fashion were vibrant topics of conversation around the house.

The tradition of passing on family heirlooms- transforming them along the way by adding personal style- is an eternal inspiration. The family's treasures and discriminating taste ignited Suneera's passion to become a designer. As a self-taught artist, Suneera spent several years honing her craft and refining her designs to create jewelry that reflects an exquisite sensibility. Her story translates to her work: she creates pieces that are timeless and jewelry that is meant to last forever.

"I want to make things that are slightly Indian in feeling but that feel like today, or an amalgamation of what is happening now with elegance of the past.”


SUNEERA is a small but dynamic woman-owned company sharing a passion for finely crafted jewelry. The studio is in the heart of the jewelry district in DTLA. All pieces are handcrafted by Suneera with the help of expert local craftsmen. The designer's mission to is to positively impact the community both socially and economically.

"As our business steadily grows, we maintain our commitment to staying environmentally focused everyday within our studio."



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