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Orders and Shipping

Can I order by phone or email?
How long will it take to receive my order? Can I rush my order?
Where can I find your jewelry to try on before purchase?
Can I pick up my order at your studio?
Are there ever special promotions?
How can I purchase a gift certificate?
Do you do gift wrapping?

Our Product

What metals do you work with?
What does it mean for your jewelry to be made in LA?
What old-world manufacturing techniques do you use?
I saw a piece on social media that isn’t on the website. How can I purchase?

Sizing and ReSizing

How do I find my ring size?
How can I choose a ring for a surprise engagement without knowing the ring size needed?


Can I bring in my family heirloom for customization/re-working?
How can I go about designing a custom piece with you?
Can I buy a setting from you and use my own diamond?

Returns and Exchanges

If a piece of jewelry is damaged or a diamond is lost, what can I do?
If I purchase through your stockist, can I follow up with you on repairs, returns, or exchanges?


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