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Our Materials

Our Materials

"All of our jewelry is carefully made by hand in Los Angeles. Due to the handcrafted nature of our jewelry, slight aesthetic variations may occur between products." /We stand by the quality of our work, etc.


-Stone Sizes & Carat Weights-Address variation? Educate?

-Make point of hand-picked quality of stones used

Color of Products  

 -Disclaimer about color as seen online & give option for customers to ask for more information.

ie. " Should you wish to receive additional images of any of our products, or should you wish to schedule a Video Consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us. "

Ethics & Quality

-Diamonds = conflict free/ethically sourced

-Hand picked quality of the stones, not from India.

-Kimberly Process

-Ecologically/ethically conscious brand - what traders do we do business with? Are they part of the American Gem Trade Association, Jewelers Board of Trade, or Indian Diamond and Colorstone Association or any similar institutions?


-Dodd--Frank act & other legislation about ethical mining? “DRC-Conflict Free” mines/mining sources?

-Recycled material?

-How is it refined? Ethics + high quality of product

-Suppliers who comply with legislation?

 Possibly put info & re-direct links to these topics here:

Custom Orders  
-Redirect to section (FAQ?) for custom orders
-Engrave-ability of rings


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